• General Contractor
    Acting as a general contractor at construction objects. Organization and execution of work at all stages of construction, interaction with government agencies.
  • Engineering of building and structures
    Full range of engineering and survey works. We carry out engineering works by our own, which allows us to reduce costs and terms of engineering and survey works.
  • Technical customer
    Full range of engineering construction services from project development to commissioning of the object.
  • Reconstruction of buildings and structures
    Full or partial reconstruction and renovation of factory and warehouse premises, industrial enterprises, factories. Inspection of buildings, analysis of possible utilization options.
  • Approvals
    Obtaining urban planning and construction documentation (permits, approvals).
    Collection of initial permits, technical support of design work. Receiving a positive examination report. Obtaining a building permit. Getting the act of commissioning.

  • Demolition, dismantling, territory planning
    Demolition, dismantling of buildings of all types, as well as industrial and industrial buildings.
    A full range of works on territory planning and site preparation. Land work, removal and disposal of waste.